Migration Agent In Epping

Over the years Australia has become an attractive destination for migration. But the rules, regulations and the procedures that the application process entails for migration can be exasperating. In order to avoid any complication, it is always a good idea that you hire a good migration agent to help you out. And if you are living in Epping, then step into the offices of Lakshya Migrations. Our Registered Migration Agents have the experience of dealing with Australian visa regulations for Partner/Spouse visas which will ensure that you will be able to apply for your spouse or partner’s migration without any issues.

Apply for a Partner Visa In Epping with The Right Immigration Agent

There are many complex laws that govern a Partner/Spouse Visa. So it is imperative that you have the assistance of a good migration agent who will be able to help you in applying for this visa. A migration agent should also be able to highlight the various advantages and restrictions of a Partner/Spouse Visa. Here’s a broad over view of what you get with a Partner/Spouse Visa

What will you be able to do with a Temporary Partner/Spouse Visa

  • If you have a temporary Partner/Spouse visa, you will be allowed to stay in Australia legally. You will be able to maintain this status till a decision comes through for your permanent Partner/Spouse visa.
  • With a temporary Partner/Spouse visa you will be allowed to seek employment in Australia during the period of your stay, while your application is being processed.
  • You can also apply for admission for a self-funded study in Australia. But please note that you will not be allowed or awarded any government funding for your study during this period.
  • You will also be eligible for Australia‚Äôs Medicare program. This is beneficial as it allows you to acquire a health care insurance coverage for your medical treatment during the course of your stay in Australia.
  • Another advantage that you have is that you can add your children as dependent in your visa application. Please note that you cannot add an adult relative as a dependent in your temporary visa application. In order to add an adult relative as a dependent, you need to file a separate application.

What will you be able to do with a Permanent Partner/Spouse Visa

  • With a Permanent Partner/Spouse Visa you will be allowed an indefinite stay in Australia legally.
  • You will be allowed to look for employment within Australia without any restrictions that an individual is usually attached to when employed under the regulations of a typical work visa.
  • You will enjoy rights to study in Australia as a citizen rather than a foreign applicant. This means that you get to pay a very low tuition fees. An added advantage is that you will become eligible to apply for government funding in the form of Scholarships, grants and loans.
  • You will have access to Australia’s welfare rights, including social security payments. But please be aware that there will be restrictions as you are not a citizen of Australia.
  • You will be able to provide sponsorship to relatives who are looking to apply for permanent residency in Australia.