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Why Choose Lakshya Migrations?

There are many migration agents and agencies that offer you services in procuring a visa or help you in migrating to Australia. But there are only a handful who deliver on what they promise you. Lakshya Migrations in Lalor are one of those few agencies that guarantee you success in securing the visa that you want. Our team of migration agents is experienced and has the knowledge about the laws and requirements that govern Australian visas. We have a great track record of getting approvals for student, partner and various work visas in Australia.

Choose a Registered Migration Agent In Lalor for Getting a Student Visa

Applying for Student Visa to Australia has become a common feature across the globe. But when you are applying, there are certain factors that you need to be aware of. Your visa application goes through a certain assessment before it is approved. And once approved there are some big benefits that you can avail.

Student Visa Assessment

The initial assessment of your Student Visa application depends on two factors.

  • Your passport
  • The Institute or the education provider you are registered with.

Assessment levels are graded from one to three. These levels are determined as per the risk assessment of the applicant with respect to breaking the terms of their student visa.

Level one implies that the risk assessed for you is at the lowest level. Level three is the highest.

If you are placed in the Level Three category then, you will be required to provide more definite proof of the claims made in your application with regards to matters such as finance, educational background etc.

Benefits of Student Visa

  • You gain a legal status to live and study in Australia for the duration of your course.
  • The visa allows you to have members of your family to join you in Australia as dependents. Please note that they will have to fulfill certain requirements to join you as a dependent.
  • You and your dependent will have the option to work in Australia during the course of your study or the visa’s validity. But please note that the number of hours that you will be allowed to work depends on our course and may change depending on whether your course is in session or not.
  • Your dependent also gets the option to study for up to three months. If in case they want to study more or take up a longer course, then they must apply for their own student visa.