Migration Agent In Thomastown

Are you planning to migrate to Australia? Then you should be mindful about the various obstacles and difficulties that you will have to cope with while applying for migration. Regardless of the kind of visa that you are planning to acquire, the laws that govern migration procedures in Australia are strict, elaborate and can be very difficult to comprehend for a layman. But do not let this worry you. If you are living in Thomastown and are looking for the services of a Migration Agent then look no further. Let the registered agents at Lakshya Migrations take care of all your visa related problems.

Choose The Right Immigration Agent In Thomastown for a Partner Visa

If you are looking to move in with your spouse or partner to Australia then you will require a Partner/Spouse Visa.  The Partner/Spouse visa allows individuals to join their partners in Australia on a permanent basis. This is a visa that is very commonly applied for by many who are in Australia or who are planning to move to the country.

But we would like to caution you. This visa has some extremely strict and complex laws, requirements and clauses. So there is no guaranteed assurance that you will be given a Partner/Spouse visa, even if you have all the required documents that are needed for your application. If in case you have been disqualified, you will be given the right to file an appeal. There is a stipulated time limit during which you have to lodge your appeal. Again, this review procedure is complex, so please be aware that the right to appeal is not automatically granted to an individual.

Though all this may sound burdening, you should not get too worried. As we have mentioned earlier, this is a visa that is applied for by many. So, if you are applying for this visa make sure that you have all the required documents well in advance so that our agents at Lakshya Migrations in Thomastown can file your spouse’s visa application.

Another point that you need to be aware of is that a Partner/Spouse Visa has an average processing time of about twelve to fifteen months.

Our migration agents are always ready to take your calls, questions, suggestions and feed back so that that you and your spouse get the service that you deserve.

Competent Migration Agent in Thomastown to Ensure a Successful Immigration

We at Lakshya Migrations have helped many individuals acquire an Australian visa. Our team of Registered Migration Agents understands the demands of a Partner/Spouse visa and its various subclasses. We have a terrific understanding of the processes involved in applying for migration via the Partner/Spouse Visa. At Lakshya Migration, you will be guided by an experienced migration agent. The oversight and follow up protocols that we observe ensure that you will get your visa without experiencing any complications. Another big factor that you need to take in to consideration is that our migration agents have a very high success rate in getting Partner/Spouse visa approvals